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Green Care Farms - Group Outings and Tours


Do you work with a group of seniors?

Many Retirement Homes, Community Centres, Seniors Active Living Centres, Community Living, Recreational Groups and Long-Term Care Homes ask about the possibility of a Group Outing. 


Green Care Farms welcomes groups from Retirement Homes and Long-Term Care Homes to visit and experience the therapeutic and purposeful work outdoors on the care farm.  

We can tailor each visit to match the interests of your residents, offering a customized program that may include horticultural activities, exploring the sensory garden, meeting the animals, and eating lunch in the garden.


If you’re looking to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for the residents of your retirement home or LTC facility, please contact us to learn more!

Fill out our Group Outing Request Form!

What would an outing to Green Care Farms (GCF) look like?

GCF can provide a presentation on a multitude of topics, including:

  • Care farming as a social therapeutic program

  • Nature-based programming for people with dementia

  • Care farming as an intervention for populations that need support

  • Specialized information on care farming for people with dementia.

  • Research highlighting the benefits of care-farming 

 Upon request, we can also develop a 2-3 immersive workshop on care farming.​


Who would be there? 

We ask that all external group outings are staff at a minimum of 3-5 clients per staff member (depending on the client’s functional needs which is 


Who is suitable to come to the farm?

All of our Green Care Farms team members are well-versed in the concepts, benefits and values of care farming. 

Groups might be from a community housing or retirement home. 

This is an opportunity for people who love to be active outdoors and like to be in the sun!

Why: People from all walks of life benefit from being outdoors in an environment filled with nature’s healing beauty. 

Time Range: 

We recommend that folks aim for a 2-3 hour tour. If a catered lunch is desired (soup and sandwich with the lunchbox cafe) then we recommend a 3-hour tour.  

Where: The farm; the Sensory Garden



We want to promote care farming awareness far and wide! We are happy to present for all kinds of groups and can offer pricing by organization type. Please contact us for more details.

$50 per person for a 2 hour tour. A catered lunch for $15. 

*Our most important aim is to support people with dementia to access the outdoors. We will consider reduced rates for multiple bookings. We will consider subsidies for lower-income folks.

Active: Clients need to have the endurance to be walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. We can take seated rest breaks (as needed). 


Food & Drink: We encourage you to bring a large water bottle and a mug with coffee/tea for the morning. (We do not have a coffee maker or kettle on site yet but plan to get one someday soon!) We will be providing nutritious food for lunches, some snacks, and will have water on hand. If you require any additional snacks or drinks, please bring them! 

Weather Statement. The programming that is offered takes place outdoors, while there are some seated areas in the shade, the duration of the visit will take place in the sensory garden. As with any kind of outdoor activity, it is important to be prepared for the level of activity and weather conditions you may encounter. 


We suggest you check the forecast before coming to the program and be prepared to bring things like a rain jacket, umbrella, sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and extra water for hot days.

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