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What: Green Care Farms Inc. is excited to be offering a FREE educational workshop series on how to start a care farm! We are seeking Canadian community leaders to support us in this reciprocal, beta testing project.


Why: Our vision, "A Green Care Farm for people with dementia in every community in Canada".


Who: The workshop is ideal for anyone with the desire to either open a care farm of their own or be directly involved in opening one (e.g. working with a farmer). There are a limited number of spots. Who we will prioritize includes, but is not limited to, the following: landowners, farmers, Ontario-based community groups, and local professionals supporting older adults including people with dementia such as Activationists, Horticultural Therapists, Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Recreation Therapists, Social Workers etc. If you are a person passionately interested in care farming that does not fit into one of those categories - please still apply!

Green Care Farms Course #1: Starting a Care Farm

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  • This course will be facilitated by the Green Care Farms team and delivered virtually via Google Meets. (You must have access to a computer with video as well as a stable internet connection.) 

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