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Day Program

We are currently accepting clients for our 2024 program starting in May.  Please contact us with any questions.
Stay tuned for upcoming news and events.
Our program officially begins on May 13, 2024. The first hour of each Monday, weekly, is an open house for people with dementia and their loved ones to check out the space. Sign up to visit in our Events Calendar or the link below.


What Our Day Program Offers

(1) A meaningful experience for people with dementia. We provide a program where they feel a sense of belonging, purpose and responsibility.

We value their contributions and work as a team to take care of our sensory garden.

(2) We are proud to give a five-hour block of respite to caregivers

  • Seasonal activities in our beautiful, half-acre Sensory Garden

  • Educational and skill-building opportunities tailored to our member’s individual needs and goals

  • Social engagement and physical activity

  • Nutritious, seasonal snacks and meals

  • Friendly, on-site, staff trained in dementia care

  • A safe and enjoyable environment 


A Typical Day at Green Care Farms

A typical day on the farm begins with the morning arrival of our members. We gradually gather together to drink coffee and tea and prepare for our daily activities. Daily goals are set and divided up. This may include: planting, garden care, harvesting vegetables, caring, and more.


At noon, we sit down and enjoy a nutritious lunch together. Depending on the season, this may include vegetables or fruits that we have harvested and prepared together. 


After lunch, we engage in a variety of different group leisure activities that change each day. These may include games, crafts, or invited guests. We follow this with a snack and hydration break.


Later in the afternoon we engage in some low-intensity movement and relaxation. We end the day by sitting down together to debrief about our day, including talking about our successes and challenges, our progress on our goals, and our plans for the next day.


Examples of Daily Activities

Our activities are designed around the needs, abilities, and goals of our members. Activities may include:

  • Garden Planning and Design

  • Planting

  • Plant Care

  • Horticulture

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Recycling and Organic Composting

  • Vegetable Harvesting

  • Plant Sensory Exploration

  • Wildlife Education and Observation

  • Filling the Bird Feeders 

  • Meal/Snack Preparation


Our programming always includes plenty of opportunities for rest and hydration, in addition to low-intensity physical activity and sensory stimulation.


Targeted Outcomes

All activities are planned to facilitate achievement of our members’ goals, in addition to several targeted outcomes. These include:

  • Building and Improving Social Skills and Increasing Opportunities for Socializing 

  • Spending More Time Outdoors

  • Improving and Maintaining Physical Activity

  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging

  • Improving Kinesthetic Memory

  • Increased Nutrition and Hydration

  • Retention of Fine Motor Skills

  • Increasing Feelings of Self-Worth, Purpose, and Confidence

  • Providing Care Partner Respite/Relief

  • Helping our Members to Continue Living Safely at Home


How We Choose and Train Our Staff

We choose our staff carefully. Each staff member is thoroughly screened and must pass background and reference checks. We prefer our staff to have specialized training in dementia care and experience working with persons with dementia. For those who do not have the required training, we have them complete this before they begin working with our members. Staff also receive a thorough introduction to our policies and approach to programming and care. 


We understand that starting something new can be a stressful experience. To help alleviate any anxiety, our staff members spend extra time at the beginning of the day to introduce themselves and the group to new members. This includes taking time to get to know one another, and carefully orienting our members to new or unfamiliar activities.

Passes & Memberships

Questions about the pricing and/or program registration?


Full 17-week access to our Day Program


 Groups might be from a community housing or retirement home. 

This is an opportunity for people who love to be active outdoors and like to be in the sun!


Join for one month of the day program


Drop-in program on days that work for you

We are currently accepting clients for our 2024 program starting in May.  Please contact us with any questions.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and events.



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