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Our Team

Rebekah Churchyard
CEO, Founder

Rebekah holds a Master of Social Work in Gerontology, and works in Specialized Geriatric Services. Rebekah is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Psychotherapist. She relocated from Toronto back to Kitchener-Waterloo in 2020 on a mission to start Green Care Farms Inc.! In Toronto she gained extensive volunteer experience in charitable board governance and in municipal policy. Rebekah served as President and Vice-President with the Toronto Council on Aging Board of Directors and as an Accountability Table member with the City of Toronto’s Seniors Strategy. 


Rebekah loves flowers, sunshine and laughter.


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

My grandpa was a Christmas tree farmer in Belwood, Ontario. At age 63 he was diagnosed with an early onset frontotemporal dementia. It was challenging for our family to find meaningful activities for him to engage with.


We need more programs for folks with early onset dementia who wish to be outside and active. We also need more programs to build cognitive resilience in rural settings. I love the idea of a person with dementia who values nature and growing things to be able to do in a safe and supported setting.

Jenna Rines
Social Worker, Researcher, Environmental Educator
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Jenna is a Social Worker passionate about program development and innovation in response to social and environmental challenges. She had the pleasure of working in geriatrics early on in her career and has stayed involved in related work and volunteering ever since. Although still an amateur, she loves to garden and spend as much time as she can outdoors with family and friends. 

Jenna's role with Green Care Farms includes strategic planning, social enterprise development, proposals and partnerships.


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

I love the innovation and multisolving potential of Green Care Farms. There are so many benefits beyond those for the individuals and families connected to the program. We need more businesses contributing to sustainable positive impacts on a social and environmental level, and I am excited to be part of the changes Green Care Farms will inevitably be making in Canada.

Tamara Brown
Public Relations Lead,

Tamara is a farmer with a passion for all the ways food and farming connect us as people, as well as to the natural world. They bring their experience working in program coordination and communications for non-profits. Tamara is working with Kim & Vianca on Green Care Farms communications, taking a lead on public relations in particular. 


Tamara spends lots of time developing relationships with the local plants and birds, playing double bass, and cooking with as many seasonal ingredients as they can find.


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

As someone who is working on the land every day, I have a keen understanding of the healing and restorative nature of being outdoors, and of tending and to plants and the living world. I’m excited for Green Care Farms giving the opportunity for more people with dementia to be able to age in place with their caregivers; rural health programming is so important for thriving rural communities.

Danielle Jones
Communication Strategist,
Social Media Lead

Danielle is a health communications specialist who’s passionate about linking health and the outdoors. She has worked in various positions in the government and non-profits. She’s an amateur gardener, avid sports fan and health enthusiast. When she’s not working or volunteering as Green Care Farms social media coordinator, you can find her hiking or playing archery tag.

Why do you love Green Care Farms?

So often our elderly are forgotten or an afterthought when they should be at the center of our communities. Growing and nurturing are an integral part of everyone's wellbeing, and people living with dementia should continue to have that opportunity. 


Green Care Farms offers dignity, social, mental and physical benefits that I hope to see replicated throughout our country. Everyone who wants to get their hands dirty in the earth, should have that amazing experience. 

Vianca Wagan
Website Lead,
Nutrition Student

Vianca is a nutrition student and aspiring Registered Dietitian. She also holds a previous degree in Psychology. Vianca is passionate about community nutrition, education, and knowledge mobilization. She has considerable experience in managing social media accounts and developing online content. As a volunteer for Green Care Farms, Vianca hopes to increase the online presence of Green Care Farms through content creation, social media coordination, and supporting the team.


In her spare time, Vianca likes reading books on food history, dancing bachata, and hiking to connect with nature.

Why do you love Green Care Farms?

I admire how Green Care Farms focuses on more of a social prescription and community-centred approach to care for individuals living with dementia. This allows for more agency for participants in the program, which I believe is integral for quality care and an individual’s personal enjoyment. Furthermore, it has amazing potential for building a sustainable food system within the local community. I want to support Green Care Farms’ initiatives to improve social, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as promote access to nutritious foods.

We'd also like to thank our previous team members for their wonderful contributions to Green Care Farms Inc.

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