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Green Care Farms - Group Visits and Tours


Do you work with a group of seniors?

Many Retirement Homes, Community Centres, Seniors Active Living Centres, Community Living, Recreational Groups, and Long-Term Care Homes ask about the possibility of a Group Outing. Green Care Farms welcomes small groups!


Folks who are able to visit will experience the therapeutic benefits of our Sensory Garden. For those who are interested, there are opportunities to engage in purposeful work outdoors in care farming with us. We can tailor each visit to match the interests of your residents, offering a customized program that may include horticultural activities, exploring our Sensory Garden, meeting the animals, and eating lunch in the garden.

If you’re looking to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for your small group of people, please contact us to learn more!

Fill out our Group Outing Request Form!

Who would be there? 

We ask that all external group outings are staffed at a minimum of 3-5 clients per staff member (depending on the clients’ functional needs).  


Who is suitable to come to the farm?

We welcome people from all walks of life, physical presentations and cognitive capacities. An ideal person to visit would like to be social, spend time outdoors and enjoy nature. Folks will need to walk about 200m (~3 minutes) to get to the Sensory Garden plot from the parking lot/barn. We will work with each organization using our functional ability checklist to provide details about the physical demands of our activities. 


Time Range: 

We recommend that folks aim for a 2-3 hour tour. If a catered lunch is desired (soup and sandwich with The Lunchbox Café) then we recommend a 3-4 hour tour.  




$50/person for 2 hour tour

$65/person for 2 hour tour including lunch ($15)


$75/person for a 3 hour tour

$90/person for a 3 hour tour including lunch ($15)


*Our most important aim is to support people with dementia to access the outdoors. We will consider reduced rates for multiple bookings and for lower-income folks.

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