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Past Profiles

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Meredith Wilson
Landscape Architecture Student

Meredith is a Masters of Landscape Architecture student and is dedicated to designing landscapes for health and ecological wellbeing. She is excited to be working with Green Care Farms to study and design restorative spaces for people living with dementia. Meredith loves spending her time running down hills, rolling in grass, and getting lost in the woods. 

Meredith's role with Green Care Farms includes landscape architecture, ecological design, therapeutic design, research, communications and graphic design. 


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

I love the concept of Green Care Farms because it creates a safe space for people with dementia to connect meaningully with nature. The benefits of this innovative dementia care service are immense and well-documented, but in Canada very few opportunities exist. We need more community-based initiatives such as Green Care Farms that apply this research and make things happen. 

Canadian Frailty Network Fellow, Gerontologist, Evaluator
Stacey Hawkins.png
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Stacey is a Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) Fellow who is joining Green Care Farms as part of her fellowship placement. Stacey is an experienced health executive who directs a regional research and evaluation program in the area of specialized geriatric services. She is an impassioned advocate for creating meaningful leisure opportunities for persons with dementia, and older adults. Stacey is an avid gardener, with an interest in the therapeutic benefits of nature and social connection.

Stacey's role with Green Care Farms includes website and social media development.


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

My Mum was an avid gardener and passionate about nature. When she was diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer's disease, we were frustrated with the limited variety of activities, particularly outdoor activities, that were available to people with dementia. One of my fondest memories of her is spending an afternoon planting a pear tree. At the time, I thought how wonderful it would be for others with dementia to have the opportunity to do the same. Working on this project with Green Care Farms has been a labour of hope. 

Stacey Hawkins
Kim Jones
Social Media Lead,
Environmental Activist

Kim is an environmentalist and baker with a passion for sustainability and food. With a degree in Global Development and Environmental Studies, Kim aspires to motivate positive change through inspirational organizations such as Green Care Farms. Kim brings experience in communications and social media projects and is currently leading social media for Green Care Farms.


In her spare time, Kim enjoys gardening, hiking, and indoor climbing.

Why do you love Green Care Farms?

My passion for this project is rooted in my own experiences of farming and land-based learning, and the healing properties of these activities. 

Gemm Belle
Graphic Designer

Gemm is a dedicated Graphic Designer who joined Green Care Farms to help with their logo rebranding and visual design. With a background in user research, she puts her skills to use in order to create tailored designs for her audience.


Gemm enjoys being in nature, taking photos of mushrooms, and eating ice cream.


Why do you love Green Care Farms?

The concept and core values of Green Care Farms are what attracted and excited me to work on the project. I believe everyone deserves to live a life filled with meaning, and the supported environment GCF creates for individuals with dementia is absolutely beautiful and is definitely something that is needed in Canada. 

Sherry Rezvani_edited.jpg
Sherry Rezani

Sherry has a Master’s in Public Health and works as a community-based researcher evaluating programs offered to diverse populations such as people living with dementia, newcomers, and youths. She loves contributing to positive changes in people’s lives and Green Care Farms Inc. provides her with this opportunity. In her free time, Sherry spends time with her family, cuddles with her cats, and makes puzzles. 

Sherry's role with Green Care Farms includes research coordination and management, including conducting literature reviews, evidence visualization, and evaluation support.

Why do you love Green Care Farms?

I was fascinated to learn how engagement in simple gardening activities at Green Care Farms lead to positive physical, mental, and social health impacts for people living with dementia. Green Care Farms Inc. is a bridge to these benefits for people living with dementia in Canada and we need more support for such initiatives. 

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